Karen's Star

Did you know that Richard Carpenter purchased the rights at the International Star Registry to name a star after Karen?
On the 14th anniversary of her death, February 4th 1997, a star was officially named Karen Anne Carpenter.

The official certificate from the International Star Registry

The print reads: In witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and affix the seal of the International Star Registry this 4th day of February 1997. Know ye
herewith that the International Star Registry doth hereby recognise Star Number Andromeda Ra Oh42m 57sd 36 35 to the name Karen Anne Carpenter.
Know ye further that this star will hereforth be known by this name. This name is permanently filed in The Registry's vault in Switzerland and recorded in a
book which will be registered in the copyright office of the United States of America * *.

The location of the star named Karen Anne Carpenter


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