Carpenters Autographs
So you're on the hunt for a genuine Carpenters autograph. A record hand signed by Karen and Richard at a concert,
                   or maybe a promotional photo. Or perhaps you already have one, and would like to know if it is genuine. Here is the
               place to find out. The following are many different examples of Karen and Richard Carpenter's autographs. Don't
             despair if yours doesn't match these exactly- their signatures changed a little over the years, particularly Karen's.

Karen varied her signature a fair bit. If she was just printing her name it was less scripted than if she were signing it.

You will find Karen's autograph is forged more often than Richard's, as his is still (relatively) easy to obtain.

All of Richard's autographs in recent years are dated. He seems to have started some time in the 1980's.

A drum skin signed at a Carpenters concert.

They often signed with a little phrase before their names. In their early career, Karen sometimes added Close to You, while Richard sometimes added Best Always! He quite often still does when signing autographs.

Another way they often signed was Hi! "Carpenters" Karen & Richard. Karen would often sign her name, then write the & symbol and give it to Richard to add his name.

It's easy to tell who has written their surname. Richard starts the C with a downwards stroke and large loop underneath, whereas Karen started hers with a curly loop at the top.

Photos were issued by the Carpenters fan club with Karen and Richard's autographs. These were pre-printed, and are a lovely item to frame and hang on your wall.
Other Carpenters signed items:     

Unfortunately there are people out there who try to pass off forgeries as genuine autographs, mostly on eBay. The main
thing to keep an eye out for when investing your money in a Carpenters autograph is whether it looks fluent. Does it look
like the writer has stopped in the middle of letter, as if they are attempting to copy off something? Another indication can
be the number of bids on an auction. If an autograph has a low price and few or no bids, chances are that other buyers also
know it's a fake. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

I am more than happy to help with evaluating Carpenters autographs, or answer any questions you might have.


Please note: This is intended solely as a guide. I cannot be held responsible for purchases of items based on the information provided on this page.
If you are at all in doubt about any autograph you are considering purchasing, please email me first with any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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